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Live Science podcast "Life's Little Mysteries" 18: Mysterious Animal Superpowers

A dog dressed as a superhero wears a mask and cape.
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In this episode of Life's Little Mysteries, we'll take a closer look at mysterious animal abilities that are so incredible they might as well be superpowers.

How do animals breathe underwater? Why can microscopic tardigrades survive being frozen for decades? And what's the biggest animal that a snake can swallow? Listen to Life's Little Mysteries 18: Mysterious Animal Superpowers, to find out! 

We'll also hear about how monkeys can outperform humans at problem-solving, and  we'll explore the grossest, stickiest animal superpower — making slime.

Co-hosts: Jeanna Bryner and Mindy Weisberger

Guests: Nick Caruso, of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech, and co-author of the book "Believe It or Snot: The Definitive Field Guide to Earth's Slimy Creatures"; Nicoletta Lanese, staff writer at Live Science.

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Originally published on Live Science.

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