They're cute, they're tiny and they're extremely resilient. Tardigrades, commonly known as "water bears" might just outlive us all. These eight-legged creatures, usually smaller than the tip of a sharpened pencil, can survive trying times by curling up into a ball and entering a near-death state called "cryptobiosis."

They can withstand extreme temperatures from as cold as negative 328 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 200 degrees Celsius) to as hot as over 300 degrees F (148.9 degrees C). They can also live through radiation, boiling liquid, extreme pressure and can even survive in space without any protection. 

But perhaps their greatest achievement is their obsessive human following. The internet is filled with tardigrade paraphernalia that just might make the perfect holiday presents for the water-bear-entranced (including yourself). Tardigrades are here, they're there, they're everywhere, take a look:

Hashtag Collectibles Water Bear Slippers, $24.99


Hashtag Collectibles water bear socks, $11.99


'Live Tiny Die Never' shirt, $15.95


Tadigrades skirt, $46.87

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Tardigrades Garden Flag, $12.99


Ornament-Tardigrade water bear, $10

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Tardigrade earrings, $19.75 

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The Tardigrade Stress-o-Cizer, $20,

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Tardigrade crochet pattern, $5

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Tardigrade keychain, $26.75

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Waterbear Pincushion, $32

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Tardigrades in Space Custom Mailbox Covers, $12.5,


Stuffed Water Bear, $39.99


Stuffed Water Bear Plush-Mini, $14.99


Biologist Tardigrade Wine Glass Gift, $15.99

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Tardigrade Onesie, $23

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Originally published on Live Science.