Photos: New Kind of Meteorite Found in Sweden

Rare discovery

New kind of fossil meteorite

(Image credit: B. Schmitz)

A new kind of meteorite discovered in Sweden could be a fragment from a giant asteroid belt collision 470 million years ago. [ Read the full report]

An unusual fossil find

Fossil shell and meteorite

(Image credit: B. Schmitz, Chemie der Erde 2013)

A fossil chondrite meteorite and nautiloid shell from the Thorsberg quarry in Sweden. Both fell to the seafloor during the Ordovician Period. [ Read the full report]

Historic stone

Thorsberg quarry

(Image credit: B. Schmitz)

Pink limestone from the Thorsberg quarry has been mined for building stone in Sweden since the 12th century. [ Read the full report]

Expert eye

Owner of fossil meteorite quarry

(Image credit: B. Schmitz, Chemie der Erde 2013)

One of the quarry owners inspects a limestone layer where fossil meteorites are found. Quarry workers have discovered 101 fossil meteorites in the past two decades. [ Read the full report]

As it fell

fossil chondrite meteorite

(Image credit: B. Schmitz, Chemie der Erde 2013)

A fossil chondrite meteorite still in its limestone bed. Almost all the meteoritic minerals are altered to clay. Only tough chromite spinels remain. [ Read the full report]

Ancient textures

A fossil meteorite with chondrules

(Image credit: B. Schmitz, Chemie der Erde 2013)

A fossil meteorite with chondrules, glassy droplets that are the solar system's oldest solid material. The lower photograph is a close-up of the chondrules. [ Read the full report]

Becky Oskin
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