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Gallery: Zoo Babies Born in 2013

November – Pygmy marmoset

Twin pygmy marmosets, baby animals 2013

(Image credit: Belfast Zoo.)

Twin pygmy marmosets were born at the Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland on Nov. 14. The tiny twins are carried around their enclosure on their parents' backs. Pygmy marmosets are the smallest species of the primate family, with adults weighing less than half a pound, and are found in the tropical rainforests of the upper Amazon basin. Though not currently endangered, the species faces threats from habitat destruction and the pet trade.

December – Masai giraffe calf

A female baby Masai giraffe, baby animals 2013

(Image credit: Amiee Stubbs.)

From teeny babies to really big ones! Just in time for Christmas, this baby Masai giraffe was born on Dec. 13, at the Nashville Zoo to mom Margarita. The 6-foot, 5-inch-tall bundle of joy weighed in at 180 lbs. (80 kilograms). The female calf was Margarita's third and mom and baby were doing well after the birth. Masai giraffes are one of nine giraffe subspecies and are known for their oak-leaf shaped spot pattern.