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In Photos: Montana's Dueling Dinosaur Fossils

Dueling Dino

(Image credit: Image courtesy of Black Hills Institute of Geological Research Inc. and Katie Busch, Owner/Partner CK Preparations))

An artist's model of the Montana Dueling Dinosaurs based on geographical placement of the fossils.

Rare Find

(Image credit: Courtesy of Bonhams)

The Dueling Dinosaurs are billed as the most complete dinosaur skeletons ever found in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana. Shown here is the snout of a theropod, thought by some to represent a Nanotyrannus lancensis.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Bonhams)

The theropod in the Dueling Dinosaurs group lies encased in its field jacket. Scientists have debated whether specimens dubbed Nanotyrannus actually represent members of a distinct species or simply juvenile versions of T. rex.

Dino Cowboy

(Image credit: Megan Gannon/LiveScience)

Clayton Phipps, also known as the Dinosaur Cowboy, excavated the fossils up for auction at Bonhams.

Dino Skin

(Image credit: Courtesy of Bonhams)

Some of the coarse skin of the ceratopsid is preserved on the fossil.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Bonhams)

The fossils' sellers say the ceratopsid (its foot is shown here) could represent a new species of Triceratops or early Triceratops horridus.