Cannibal Sticks, Anyone? New In Vitro Meat Cookbook Has the Recipe
Researchers envision the possibilities, such as magic meatballs.
Credit: YouTube screen shot, nextnature

Care for some knitted meat? Or perhaps meat powder is more to your liking?

The researchers behind the first lab-grown hamburger are now developing a new product: an in vitro meat cookbook. The team is raising money for the project on the crowd-funding site indiegogo. The goal, they say, is to provide food-for-thought on how to solve the world's protein crisis. "While it's possible everyone might switch to insects or tofu, there's a brand new player on the horizon: lab-grown meat," the team writes.

Delicacies include steaks knitted in the shape of scarves, cannibal snacks (let's not contemplate that one too long), transparent sushi and revived dodo wings. Of course, the cookbook is likely to be sitting on your shelf for a while, as there's no way to make these treats yet. The book authors have raised about $22,300 towards their $27,000 goal.

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