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Healthy 4th of July!

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To help you have a healthy Fourth of July, we've rounded up some of our recent stories that we think you'll find interesting today.

To keep up your healthy eating habits this weekend, you may want to pick up a few tips for healthy grilling . But however you indulge, go easy on the snacks , and remember that diet soda isn't always great for your diet . And be sure to cook food thoroughly get it into the fridge and off the picnic table before too long.

Here's a conversation starter for your holiday celebration: why we feel good when we see happy faces .

Parents and teens will want to heed warnings from the CDC about the rise in underage drinking on the Fourth of July weekend. But perhaps it isn't just teens, it seems many of us don't know the limits of sensible drinking .

Preparing for an outdoor adventure? Here's another reason to beware of ticks .

And if your weekend travels will involve flying, you may want to read one infectious disease researcher's advice on how to tell if you're seated too close to a sick a passenger .

But wherever you go and whatever you do, follow these tips to avoid catching the dreaded summer cold .

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