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Rain Clouds Swarm the Eastern U.S.

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A satellite image captured on May 8 shows thick clouds over the United States.
(Image: © NOAA.)

People from Texas to the East Coast woke up to yet another gloomy day on Tuesday, and a satellite image reveals why. Huge rain-producing storms have stayed parked over large portions of the United States, and will likely keep on producing yucky conditions as a cold front slowly moves eastward across the country.

Today (May 9), the National Weather Service is forecasting unsettled weather for areas from Florida to Maine, with lots of moisture in the air producing scattered showers and thunderstorms.

In the Carolinas, some of those storms may be severe.

Yet by Thursday morning, much of the nasty weather will have moved out over the Atlantic, giving much of the East Coast a respite from the wet conditions.

But for Texas, no end is in sight tomorrow. The state can expect to get walloped with thunderstorms, especially along the Mexico border.

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