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11 Amazing New Species Discovered in 2011

Mice Species

apomys brownorum new mouse species

This color drawing shows Apomys brownorum, one of the new species from Mt. Tapulao, Zambales, on the Phillipine island Luzon. (Image credit: Velizar Simeonovski, The Field Museum.)

Seven new forest mouse species have came out of hiding this year on Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines.

The discovery of the new species, which reside only on a small part of the island, has increased the number of Luzon's native mammal species, excluding bats, to 49.

Observations of each mouse's morphology as well as genetics suggest the seven newbies are part of a new subgenus called Megapomys, which is part of the genus Apomys. These mice are relatively large, weighing less than a half pound (65-110 grams) and sporting tails that are as long as, or slightly shorter, than the length of the animal's body and head.