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Our Daily Planet: Deadly Tornadoes and National Parks Week

Each weekday morning, OurAmazingPlanet takes the pulse of the Earth, reporting on natural phenomena and exploration news from around the globe.

Deadly Storms: At least 45 people died and hundreds more were injured or left homeless after a massive tornado outbreak across the South. [Infographic: Tornado! An Inside Look at Tornado Season ]

Wisconsin Wolf Record: The Wisconsin population of gray wolves has reached a modern-era record of about 825 animals in more than 200 packs, according to state biologists.

Great Barrier Breakdown: Could Australia's Great Barrier Reef come crumbling down?

Japan's Pine Islands: Somehow, the breathtaking pine-covered islands off Japan's coast survived the earthquake and tsunami.

Healthy Gulf: Scientists believe that the Gulf of Mexico is nearly as healthy as it was before the BP oil spill. Yet glaring blemishes remain.

National Park Week: It's time to celebrate our National Parks. Go out and enjoy one this week, free of charge. [Check out this gallery to see the 10 Least Visited National Parks ]

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