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Hatch Watch: Still no sign of the last of the web-celebrity baby eagles hatching. Watch all the sitting and feeding, and take a peep at the two newborns, on the nest's webcam .

Fallen Magnolia: Among the casualties of the year's worst severe weather was a 160-year-old magnolia tree at Augusta National golf course, home of the Master's Tournament. The club's famous Magnolia Lane now has 60 trees, not 61. [Related: Deadliest Storms of the Year Strike the South .]

Branson's Deep Dive: Billionaire Richard Branson -- adventurer, space explorer -- announced his plan to dive solo to some of the ocean's deepest points. [Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench ]

Everest Cleanup: An expedition team and a veteran Sherpa guide are on a mission to Mount Everest to pickup tons of trash.

Chewbaaka Dies: The symbol of cheetah conservation, 16-year-old Chewbaaka, has died.

Polar Bear Visitor: A Canadian man found an unusual visitor at his front door -- a huge polar bear.

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