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Our Daily Planet: Deadly Storms and the Oldest Shipwreck of the Caribbean

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Severe Weather: Massive storms swept across the Midwest and South yesterday, killing several people. More than 900 severe weather events were reported, including 20 tornadoes across six states. [Related: Worst Severe Weather of the Year .]

Eagle Webcam: The last of the web-celebrity baby eagles did not hatch overnight. Look in live on the nest's webcam to see if it will today.

Oldest Shipwreck of the Caribbean: Explorers have discovered what may be the oldest colonial shipwreck in the Caribbean.

India Quake: A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck near the the Indo-Nepal border region, shaking North India. There were no immediate reports damage or fatalities.

Name Those Zooborns: A baby giraffe was born at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, and two endangered penguin chicks were born at the Akron, Ohio, zoo back in January. What should the zoos name them?

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