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Life's Diversity Abounds in Madrean Sky Islands

Madrean Album Celot


(Image credit: Sky Island Alliance)

A rare photo of an ocelot was recently taken by a "camera trap" in a sky island just 25 miles (40 km) south of the international border with Mexico. The camera is owned and operated by the Sky Island Alliance and is a part of their island restoration project for jaguars and ocelots. Notice the snow that this normally tropical-living cat is walking over.

Madrean Album Dragoon


(Image credit: John Eisenman/Sky Island Alliance)

Sunset over the Dragoon Mountains brings the end to another day in the land of the Madrean Sky Island Archipelago. The archipelago is one of about 20 sky island complexes found on Earth. Sky islands are found on every continent with the exception of Australia. With their unique, isolated biological communities, sky islands are a very special part of our amazing planet.