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Our Daily Planet: Wildlife Smugglers Busted and Arkansas Earthquake Swarm

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Wildlife Smugglers Busted: Wildlife activists in central Africa have brought down a smuggling network and recovered hundreds of pounds of ivory, African gray parrots, tiger and lion skins, and turtle shells. [Related: Grim Trade in Tiger Parts Still Strong Globally, Report Finds .]

Stubborn as an Ox: As a mascot for life in the Arctic, the musk ox is the best choice. It can withstand miserable weather like no other, scientists say.

Is Seafood Safe?: The government has declared Gulf of Mexico seafood safe after the BP oil spill. Some scientists aren't so sure. [Related: Oceans in Peril: Primed for Mass Extinction? ]

Quake Swarm: What is causing the unusually frequent earthquakes in Guy, Arkansas? Geologists have a mystery to solve.

Wolverine Worries: Wolverines should be protected as an endangered species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced. They'll have to wait in line, however, behind other, higher-priority species. [Related: 10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye.]

Southwest Drought: Worst case scenario for the American southwest: A 60-year stretch of heat and drought, not witnessed since the 12th century.

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