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Our Daily Planet: Metrodome Collapse and Cancun Climate Talks

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Metrodome Collapse: Just how bad was the weather this past weekend? Bad enough to take down a football stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. [Related: Snow Cover Lingers Over Great Britain and Ireland .]

Climate Talks Close: The U.N. climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico has come to a close, with rich nations agreeing to help poorer ones. Deciding who will pay was left for another day. Now, all eyes are on the 2011 talks in South Africa.

Everglades Cleanup: On Dec. 11, 2000, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and President Bill Clinton signed a $7.8 billion bill to breathe new life into the Everglades. It was the largest ecosystem restoration project in the planet's history, but 10 years later, the Everglades is still dying. [Related: In Images: Florida Everglades: Follow the 'River of Grass.' ]

Most Wanted Critters: The emerald ash borer, the Asian long-horned beetle and the Asian gypsy moth are three invasive species that are killing forests in North America.

Oceans' SOS: As the planet's great communal resource for food, oxygen, transportation, recreation and inspiration, it's time to put oceans at the center of the climate change discussion, said two marine biologists. [Related: World's First Coral Reef Climate Lab Opens .]

Earth Talk: The American Geophysical Union's 2010 conference kicks off today in San Francisco, and it's expected to be their biggest one yet. Stay tuned to OurAmazingPlanet for breaking news from the meeting.

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