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Our Daily Planet: Weekend Weather and Martina Navratilova's Charity Climb

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Take That Snow and Shovel It: Parts of Europe are digging out from under their heaviest snow in nearly 50 years. Stateside, get ready for a cold, wet and snowy weekend. [Related: Snow Cover Lingers Over Great Britain and Ireland .]

Missing Hiker: A body recovered from Mt. Baldy in Southern California is believed to be that of the missing 49-year old hiker from Venice, Calif.

Floods Down Under: Heavy rains have caused severe flooding along Australia's eastern seaboard. The flooding in New South Wales is the biggest in 50 years.

Coal Fight: A coal mine near Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park? Not if environmental groups can help it.

Forests for Dollars: As the Cancun climate talks come to a close today, the Mexican state of Chiapas is eager to save their forests by joining California's upcoming cap-and-trade market for carbon emissions.

Climb for a Cause: Martina Navratilova, the 54-year-old tennis legend, was forced to abandon her trek up Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro due to illness. Other expedition members are continuing the climb, which is partly to raise money for a Kenyan youth soccer program.

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