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Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Gets New Home

Orphaned polar bear cub Kali
Orphaned polar bear cub Kali has been feeding well at his new home at the Alaska Zoo. (Image credit: John Gomes/Alaska Zoo)

Cue the squees:

A little orphaned polar bear cub, thought to be about 3 to 4 months old, is settling in nicely at his new home at the Alaska Zoo.

The cub, named Kali (pronounced "Cully," the Inupiat name for Pt. Lay, Alaska, near where teh cub was found), was orphaned when his mother was shot. Officials with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service rescued the cub and then sent him off to his new home at the zoo, where he has been feeding regularly, growing and exploring his new home, noted an official with the zoo.

The zoo feeds the cub on a formula that is part puppy milk replacer, mixed with water, lactose and the odd bit of cod liver oil.

Read more about Kali at the U.S. FWS blog Open Spaces.

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