Same-Sex Marriage Gains Acceptance (Infographic)
Polls Show Gay Marriage Gaining Acceptance (Infographic)
Credit: Ross Toro, contributor

In 2012, Pew Research Center polling found slightly more support for same-sex marriage (48 percent) than opposition to it (43 percent). The public has gradually become more supportive of granting legal recognition to same-sex marriages over the past decade.

Younger generations express higher levels of support for same-sex marriage. Millennials (born in 1981 or later) showed the strongest support (70 percent). The so-called Silent Generation (born 1928 to 1945) showed the least support (31 percent).

Among people who are religiously unaffiliated, a solid majority supported gay marriage (77 percent). White evangelical Protestants showed the least support (24 percent).

Democrats and Independents showed the strongest support (59 percent), Republicans showed the least support (27 percent).

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