Gallery: A Treasure Trove of Britain's Old Newspapers

British Newspaper Library

British Newspaper Library archvies

(Image credit: British Newspaper Library)

Hard copies of old newspapers are kept in large folios.


World War I Map

(Image credit: The British Library Board)

A Sunday Post Special in December 1917, during World War I.

Lovers' Suicide

lover's leap newspaper article

(Image credit: British Newspaper Library)

This lavishly illustrated 1870's newspaper tells a tale of two young lovers who jumped from a steamer rather than be separated by an irate father. On the same page, a drunken balloonist.

Flu "Cure"

Flu cure in 1929

(Image credit: British Library)

A 1929 news story about a man fined for drinking methylated spirits (alcohol-based solvent), allegedly as a flu cure.

Flu Cure

Warner's safe cure ad

(Image credit: British Library)

Warner's Safe Cure advertisement from a newspaper printed in 1900.

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