Happy Feet: A Gallery of Pudgy Penguins

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Penguins dash across an ice floe near Antarctica. (Image credit: © NZ IPY-CAML.)

Scientists Puzzled by Extreme Penguin Dives

(Image credit: Emily Stone, National Science Foundation)

An Emperor penguin dives through a hole into the water below the McMurdo Sound sea ice.

Penguins in Peril, Research Shows

(Image credit: Graham Harris/Wildlife Conservation Society)

A braying Magellanic penguin from the colony at Punta Tombo, Argentina.

A Season at the Penguin Ranch in Antarctica

(Image credit: Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UC San Diego)

At Jerry Kooyman and Paul Ponganis' field camp at Cape Washington, Antarctica, curious emperor penguins approach.

Male Penguins' Calls Say 'I'm a Good Dad'

(Image credit: Emma Marks)

A male penguins' voice reveals how good a dad he will be, a new study suggests. Here, Adelie penguins breed and raise their chicks in large groups.

Ice Penguin

Penguins are usually associated with Antarctica, but they also live in temperate areas of South America, New Zealand and Australia.

New Baby Penguin Is a Big-footed Fuzzball

(Image credit: Moody Gardens.)

A newly hatched chinstrap penguin at Moody Gardens aquarium in Texas.

Penguin Pomp: Birds of a Feather

Gentoo penguins

(Image credit: Todd Stailey, Tennessee Aquarium)

A flock of gentoo penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga puts on a show. At heights of almost 3 feet (1 meter), gentoos are the third-largest penguin species in the world. Gentoos build nests out of round, smooth stones, which are highly prized by females. To curry favor with a potential mate, male gentoos sometimes present "gifts" of these coveted rocks.

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin on the ice

(Image credit: Cassondra Williams)

Emperor penguins are the largest and tallest living penguin species.

Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin jumping out of an ice hole.

(Image credit: Cassondra Williams)

Emperor penguin jumping out of an ice hole.

Emperor Penguins in the ice

Emperor Penguins in the ice.

(Image credit: Paul Ponganis)

Emperor Penguins in the ice.

Penguin Promenade

African Penguin

(Image credit: Garwee, Stock.xchg)

African penguins take a sidewalk stroll. These two-foot-tall birds are also known as "jackass penguins" because of their loud, donkey-like calls. They nest in burrows along southern Africa's coastal waters, laying two eggs that are cared for by both mom and dad. One major African penguin colony is right near Cape Town, South Africa, at Boulders Beach. There, penguins rub elbows with tourists and swimmers.

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