Mama Moose Busts Through Woman's Door

An Adirondack moose. (Image credit: Toby Talbot/AP)

POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) — Anita Ovard moved to her small home in this town in the western foothills of the Rocky Mountains because she wanted to see more wildlife. But the view got a little too close when a moose decided to make itself at home in her front room.

Ovard spotted two baby moose in her yard when she pulled into the driveway Tuesday. She immediately started looking for the mother moose, spotting the massive animal just before it plowed through her storm door and front door.

"There's a big gouge, and you can see where the whole front of the (moose's) body went right through it. It broke the wood frame," Ovard told the Idaho State Journal. "Try telling that to an insurance company."

Hoping to stop the moose from doing more damage, Ovard opened the sliding glass door in the rear of the home to give the animal an easier exit and then ran away as fast as she could. The moose, also frightened, turned and ran back out the front door.

A Fish and Game officer told Ovard the moose likely spotted its own reflection in a window, and forced its way into the home because it thought there was another moose nearby posing a threat to its babies.

Ovard, who is accustomed to finding moose eating from the apple tree in her yard, is laughing about the incident.

"It's their environment," she said. "We're building houses on their environment. They have no place to go."