'Tis the Season: Gallery of Festive Insects

Noel Hues & Snow Patterns

red-and-green-colored beetle

(Image credit: Marco Uliana | shutterstock)

This Stephanorrhina guttata beetle has a cheerful red-and-green-colored body. Pale spots resembling falling snow dot the anterior wings called elytra, which are used as a protective covering for the insect.

Candy Cane Moth

red and white moth

(Image credit: braedostok | shutterstock)

With a snowy white body and holly berry-red details, this moth is cute as a candy cane.

Shimmery Ornament

colorful beetle

(Image credit: Awei | shutterstock)

The above beetle, with its rounded body, sleek, shiny appearance and dazzling colors, is pretty enough to pass as a mercury glass Christmas tree ornament.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed…Caterpillar?

white-marked tussock moth

(Image credit: Lynn Whitt | shutterstock)

The white-marked tussock moth (Orgyia leucostigma) is common in eastern North America. With its bright-red head and tufts of dark-brown setae hairs, the caterpillar resembles a certain reindeer who had a very shiny nose.

Christmas Spirit

Onypterigia tricolor beetle

(Image credit: original article)

This Onypterigia tricolor beetle shines in festive hues of red and green.

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