Winter Wonderland: Images of Stunning Snowy Landscapes

The Great Outdoors

mountains of Antarctica

(Image credit: Volodymyr Goinyk | shutterstock)

Seagulls rest on the dazzling snow-capped mountains of Antarctica. Winter is tourism season in the icy region, which is located around the Earth's South Pole. Adventure-seekers pay upwards of $30,000 to experience Antarctica's breathtaking sights, extreme climate and stunning wilderness.

Icy Bridge

frost-covered bridge in Finland

(Image credit: Mika Heittola | shutterstock)

A sunset illuminates a cozy home near a frost-covered bridge in Finland. If you love winter, Finland is the place to be, as Finns experience three to seven months of wintertime, depending on which part of the country they live in.

Sand and Snow

Ballybunion Beach

(Image credit: morrbyte | shutterstock)

The snow-covered shores of Ballybunion Beach, situated at the mouth of the River Shannon in County Kerry, Ireland, feature 14th-century ruins of Ballybunion Castle.

Amazing Alps

Italy's Alps

(Image credit: Luca Placido | shutterstock)

The sun beams down on the smooth snow of Valnontey Valley, located within Italy's Alps. The Alps mountain range stretches from Austria and Slovenia, through Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein to France.

Frosty Riverside

riverside paths along Kleine Dommel

(Image credit: Govert Nieuwland | shutterstock)

The picturesque riverside paths along Kleine Dommel, which starts in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, make for popular tourist attractions.

Winter Windmill

Dutch village of Oosthuizenthe

(Image credit: Eric Gevaert | shutterstock)

A windmill stands in stark contrast against the snowy landscape of the Dutch village of Oosthuizenthe in North Holland, the Netherlands.

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