In Living Color: A Gallery of Stunning Lakes

Lake Atitlan

colorful lake

(Image credit: AISPIX | shutterstock)

Located in the Guatemalan Highlands, Lake Atitlan is believed to be the deepest lake in Central America, with an estimated maximum depth of up to 1,115 feet (340 meters). The picturesque lake fills a massive caldera that formed during a volcanic eruption about 85,000 years ago.

Alpine Lake

colorful lake

(Image credit: Brykaylo Yuriy | shutterstock)

Tucked away near the small Austrian village of Altausseer, this alpine lake is a popular tourist attraction with its pristine, jade-hued water.

Painted Hills Lake

colorful lake

(Image credit: Gregory Johnston | shutterstock)

This peaceful, purple-tinted lake is located near the Painted Hills of Wheeler County, Ore. The mauve shades of the lake's shores come from iron oxides and other mineral particles that have trickled down into the water from the colorful hills.

Croatian Lake

colorful lake

(Image credit: CCat82 | shutterstock)

This stunning lake rests in the Croatian forest of Plitvice. It is part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which also contains breathtaking waterfalls and is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe.

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