40 Freaky Frog Photos

Solomon's Horned Frog

Solomon's Horned Frog

(Image credit: Fredrique Oliver)

This horned frog is unique to the Solomon Islands.

Hybrid leaf frog

Hybrid leaf frog Do Not Republish This Photo

(Image credit: © A. Gray)

This frog is the offspring of two closely related species of endangered leaf frog.

Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates leucomelas frog

(Image credit: Cesar Barrio-Amoros)

Dendrobates leucomelas, a poisonous frog from Venezuelan Guiana, eats a special diet of ants and mites, which contain compounds that help the frog make its toxic secretions.

Convergent Evolution in Poison Frogs

(Image credit: Valerie C. Clark)

Poison frog Mantella madagascariensis. It derives its poison from a steady diet of alkaloid-rich ants. Image

Transitional Frog Lays Eggs on Water and Land

(Image credit: Justin Touchon and Karen Warkentin)

Mating yellow treefrogs (Dendropsophus ebraccatus) laying egg larvae in water. The egg masses can be at the water surface and under water.

Laos Home to Two New Frog Species

(Image credit: Nikolai Orlov)

The Rana compotrix, one of two new frog species found in Lao PDR.

Frog Shakes Its Booty to Deter Other Males

(Image credit: M.S. Caldwell.)

Truly arboreal frogs, red-eyed treefrogs spend most of their time in trees, with their limbs made for walking and their "hands" and "feet" adapted for grasping branches.

Awkward Primitive Frog Can Jump But Landing Is Belly Flop

(Image credit: Richard Essner.)

The primitive frog Ascaphus montanus can jump fine, but rather than a graceful landing this amphibian does a belly flop.

Tree Frogs Use Geometry to Hang On

(Image credit: Julia Platter)

Caption: Tree frog.

Bizarre Frog Has No Lungs

(Image credit: David Bickford)

The first lungless frog has been discovered lurking in the jungles of Borneo.

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