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What the Heck Is This?

Today's image is a tough one to decipher. You'll probably need a couple hints.

The rainbow colors offer a clue to the thing's name. 2nd hint: This creature was in the news recently (that's actually two hints).

Give up? Continue below for the full-size image and a description…

This creature, a rainbow toad, had not been seen for 87 years until scientists found and photographed it recently in a remote forest in Borneo, then announced their find July 13. Researchers had only some illustrations to indicate the creature ever existed.

"When I saw an email with the subject 'Ansonia latidisca found' pop into my inbox I could barely believe my eyes," said Robin Moore of Conservation International, adding that an attached image proved the unbelievable finding. "The species was transformed in my mind from a black and white illustration to a living, colorful creature."

An adult female of the Borneo rainbow toad, spanning just 2 inches (51 mm) in length, hadn't been spotted for 87 years. (Image credit: © Indraneil Das )

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