Image Gallery: Sunrise and Sunsets

Morning Sunrise

(Image credit: NOAA/John Bortniak)

Dazzling view of the Sun during an early morning sunrise. Here is an interesting fact: the reddish colors seen at sunrise can usually be attributed to cirroform cloudiness scattering the light at the edge of an approaching warm front.

Peaks of Sun

(Image credit: NOAA/John Bortniak)

Peaks of the Sun are seen through the Clouds, in this photograph showing a sunrise near Ketchikan.

Sunset Over the Atlantic

(Image credit: NOAA/John Bortniak)

The picture above shows the Sun setting as it goes behind the horizon.

Sailing Into the Sunset

(Image credit: NOAA/Grady Tuell)

A gulf crew boat is shown above silhouetted in a sunset, off the Gulf of Mexico, offshore of Cameron.