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Meet 'Squishy Fingers': Flexible Robot Advances Undersea Research
Squishy Fingers robot collects coral.
January 30th, 2016
There's a new soft and squishy robot in town, and it's ready for some serious underwater business.
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Photos: Sharks with Nose Plugs Have Trouble Getting Home
Underwater view, leopard shark navigation
January 6th, 2016
Leopard sharks may use smell to help them navigate the ocean, a new study finds.
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Rare 'Flasher' Squid Caught on Video
December 8th, 2015
A squid with shiny, bioluminescent "spotlights" tipping two of its arms confronted a remotely operated vehicle in deep ocean waters near Hawaii.
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Upcoming El Niño May Be As Wild As 1997 Event
Map of waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, revealing an El Nino is on its way.
October 14th, 2015
El Niño is expected to be more beast than "little boy" this year — a forecast about the weather pattern that becomes clear in newly released maps of the waters around the equatorial Pacific Ocean.
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How Plastics-to-Fuel Can Become the Next Green Machine (Op-Ed)
plastic, recyclables
September 21st, 2015
Instead of waterways, will waste plastics soon end up in fuel tanks?
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'Kidnapped' Sharks Use Their Noses to Navigate Back to Shore
Wet research, leopard shark navigation
January 6th, 2016
Sharks may use their keen sense of smell to navigate the vast ocean, a new study finds.
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King Crabs Arrive in Antarctic, with Claws Out for Biodiversity
A king crab.
September 30th, 2015
The king crab could soon take over a whole new kingdom, and it has global warming to thank for the conquest.
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