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Sudden and Rapid Ice Loss Discovered in Antarctica
May 21st, 2015
Massive glaciers in the southern Antarctic Peninsula suddenly started to crumble and melt in 2009.
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Mysterious East Coast Flooding Caused by Weird Wind Patterns
Coastal flooding in Annapolis, Maryland, in 2012.
February 24th, 2015
Mysterious flooding and high tides along the East Coast in 2009 and 2010 now have an explanation: a major change in the Atlantic Ocean's wind patterns and warm-water currents.
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Amazing Waves Discovered in Deep-Ocean Trench
Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds
May 15th, 2015
The longest consecutive train of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves ever seen in the sea was spotted in the Atlantic Ocean's Romanche Fracture Zone.
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Watch Very '80s Footage of 'Shark Lady' Eugenie Clark at Work
Eugenie Clark in Pisces VI
February 27th, 2015
This week, ocean explorers mourned the loss of a legend in their field: Eugenie Clark, a marine biologist and authority on sharks.
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Deepest Ocean Water Teems With Life
Challenger Deep
February 23rd, 2015
Microscopic bacteria thrive in seawater at the lowest point on Earth's surface, the Mariana Trench.
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Melting Glaciers Pose a Carbon Menace
Tibet glacier
January 21st, 2015
Melting glaciers pose another threat beyond sea level rise. They will dump massive amounts of organic carbon into the world's oceans, altering ecosystems.
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Cool Pacific Ocean Slowed Global Warming
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
February 26th, 2015
The Pacific was a planetary air conditioner for the past two decades, but the relief may soon end, a new study finds.
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Vast Bed of Metal Balls Found in Deep Sea
Manganese nodule
February 17th, 2015
One of the richest beds of manganese nodules ever found on the Atlantic seafloor was discovered last month while trolling for deep-sea creatures between South America and Africa.
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