3D Printing

3D printing long ago moved from being theoretical to a reality, and in recent years 3D printers have become cheaper to produce; several models are now available for sale, as well as designs for products. Experts predict 3D printers will be common in homes in coming years. Our news and feature articles cover the science and technology behind 3D printers, from how they work to the history, progress and future of the technology and what kinds of things can be made. 3D printing’s uses range from practical objects for everyday use to commercial products and parts used in manufacturing, plus the technology holds promise for bioprinting of human parts for medical purposes.
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Bye, Bye Baubles: New 3D Printers Could Build Implants, Electronics
Voxel8's 3D printer.
January 15th, 2015
3D printers are best known for churning out brightly colored plastic doodads, but two companies are exploring the scientific uses of these machines.
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'4D Printing' Makes Shape-Shifting Structures
A grid was made by 4D printing.
December 18th, 2014
Using a new technique called 4D printing, researchers can print out 3D structures that are capable of changing their shapes over time.
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Photos: 3D Printed Hearts
printed heart
November 19th, 2014
New 3D printed heart replicas have helped improve surgery in patients with congenital heart defects
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'Pop-Up' 3D Structures Can Mimic Brain Circuits
3D Silicon Structure
January 8th, 2015
By mimicking children's pop-up books, scientists can now make complex microscopic 3D shapes that model brain circuitry and blood vessels, researchers say.
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3D Printing Can Improve Face Transplants
A 3D printed model of a face.
November 30th, 2014
Face transplants are extremely complex procedures, but anatomically accurate 3D replicas can help guide and shorten the surgery.
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White House Sponsors First-Ever 3D-Printed Ornament Contest
The "Boflake" ornament from 2012.
November 10th, 2014
Calling all 3D printing enthusiasts! Today (Nov. 10) is the last day to submit designs for the first-ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge.
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3D-Printed Rocks Could Change Fracking Practices
These models were 3D-printed at the GeoFabLab at Iowa State University
September 26th, 2014
Geologists are using 3D-printed rocks to study how oil and gas moves through underground rock and the research could have important implications for fracking.
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3D Printing Molecules Can Reveal New Insights
beta sheet
December 29th, 2014
Using a 3D printer to visualize tiny molecules can help scientists develop new drugs and completely synthetic molecules.
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3D-Printed Hearts Help Surgeons Save Babies' Lives
printed heart
November 19th, 2014
New 3D printed heart replicas are helping to improve surgery in babies with congenital heart defects, researchers say.
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In Photos: Creepy-Crawly Experiment Reveals Spider's Brain
jumping spider takes bait
October 24th, 2014
The vision of jumping spiders is almost equal to the sight of humans. Researchers, however, didn't know how to study the arachnids' visual system for one simple reason: every time they tried to look at the spiders' brains, the animals would explode.
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