Inside the Brazuca: The Adidas 2014 World Cup Football

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A new design

Credit: Vasanth C. Shunmugasamy, Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Nikhil Gupta is an associate professor in the Composite Materials and Mechanics Laboratory of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at New…Read More »

York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. The author contributed this article to Live Science's
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To get a handle on what makes the 2014 World Cup's Adidas Brazuca football so special, materials expert Nikhil Gupta decided to take one apart and magnify the layers under a scanning electron microscope.

These images from the laboratory analysis show incredible sophistication went into the ball's design, including six layers of composites and other materials.

The findings are explained in further detail in the video Science Bakes a Safer Soccer Ball.   Less «
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