'Middle Earth': New Zealand's Fantasy Landscape (Photos)

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Middle Earth at the bottom of the Earth

Credit: Jesse Lewis.
My breath condenses in the cold winter air. Gazing over the still, dark waters of Lake Tekapo is to feel transported to the edge of the known world: Here…Read More »

be dragons. Indeed, dragons, dwarves, and giant eagles take little imagination to be conjured up from these snowy ranges shrouded in cloud.

When J.R.R Tolkien created the mythical land of Middle Earth for his much beloved books, he had no idea that the landscapes of New Zealand would later become the backdrop for his stories in film.

Birthed from volcanic forces and scoured by glaciers, New Zealand is a geologically new land of diverse topography. Within a day's travel it is possible to traverse from snow capped mountains to the wild, southern seas taking in starkly different environments. Sometimes it is as if this landscape was made specifically for dreamers Tolkien's landscape of fantasy comes alive at the bottom of the Earth.   Less «
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