Images: Dazzling World of Coral, Unveiled

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Brain coral, brainy project

Credit: Still from Coral: Rekindling Venus, courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.
To mark a rare celestial event the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the sun Australian artist Lynette Wallworth turned her gaze away from…Read More »

the skies and toward the sea. To mark the historic global cooperation that was mustered to study transit of Venus in 1761, Wallworth chose to highlight a scientific project for the 21st-century: how to save the world's invaluable and ever-dwindling coral reefs.

As an artist who specializes in immersive video installations, Wallworth created a film called Coral: Rekindling Venus, which is designed to be shown in planetariums. It showcases the beauty and value of the imperiled ecosystems.

The above image shows the eerie glow of a brain coral in waters near Papua New Guinea. Brain coral is an important reef-building species.   Less «
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