Gallery: Rare Species of the Andes & Amazon

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Rare, Unprotected Species

Credit: Bruce Young | Nature Serve
A recent study based on data collected over the last 100 years by explorers, as well as satellite images of the Andes-Amazon basin of Peru and Bolivia,…Read More »

found that many of the area's 800 rare and unique species are unprotected.

A multinational team of researchers analyzed records of the endemic species, or species that are restricted to a specific area and do not live anywhere else, finding that a total of the 226 species have no national protection, while about half of the ecological systems have 10 percent or less of their range protected.

Here's a gallery of some of the least protected endemic species including the Black-faced Brush-finch shown above found in the Andes-Amazon basin of Peru and Bolivia, as provided to OurAmzingPlanet by study researcher Jennifer Swenson of Duke University.    Less «
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