Wild Images of Texas Wildfires

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Mcdonald Observatory Wildfires

Credit: Frank Cianciolo/McDonald Observatory.

With wildfires bearing down on the McDonald Observatory, the Texas Forest Service undertook controlled burns on April 17 to get rid of fuel on the mountains…Read More »

in West Texas. This would starve the Rock House wildfire of fuel should it double back toward the observatory.

In the above image, Black Mountain is burning. The Hobby-Eberly Telescope dome is at right. Above it, the bright line on the right is the wildfire which broke through a burn-out line on Sunday afternoon. The bright line on the left is the front of a back-fire set to stop that portion of the wildfire. Silhouetted by the back-fires on Black and Spring (to the left) Mountains is Guide Peak now with only small pockets of active fires.

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