Photos: The Freakiest-Looking Fish

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Credit: NOAA
Talk about freaky looking! This long-snouted lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox), a nocturnal predator that's rarely seen near shore, is known not only by its…Read More »

large fangs and tall dorsal fin, but also by its habit of eating its own species.

Because it's a relatively uncommon fish that inhabits the open ocean, little is known about its life cycle. In adolescence, lancetfish are hermaphrodites (having both male and female sex organs), though there's no evidence of adult hermaphrodites.

The cannibal fish can grow to be as long as 6.5 feet (2 meters) in length. Lancetfish generally feed at night, and in addition to dining on other lancetfish, they also eat crustaceans, squid and smaller species of fish.   Less «
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