Photos: The Freakiest-Looking Fish

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Red Lionfish

Credit: Abel Valdivia
Look at that mug. With its striped coat and fanlike pectoral fins, the invasive lionfish is quite the looker. It's also invasive. Though native to the…Read More »

Indo-Pacific region, the lionfish has been eating its way through reefs of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, scientists are finding. With no effective predators, fishing by humans may be the only way to control the population, say scientists.  

The lionfish is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bizarro fish. From a green-eyed creature with a snout that senses its prey's heartbeats to a bat-fish that appears to be wearing red lipstick to a scorpionfish that uses its ugly mug to hide amongst beds of seaweed.    Less «
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