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Photos: The Berlin Wall Through Time

Wall Falls

berlin wall history

(Image credit: Luis Veiga/Getty)

East Germany began to fall in May 1989, as part of the collapse of the Communist Eastern Bloc in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In early November 1989, the faltering East German government gave into popular protests and lifted its travel restrictions to the West. On Nov. 9 that year, cheering crowds started to dismantle the Berlin Wall across the city.

Germany Reunified

berlin wall history

(Image credit: Chute Du Mur Berlin/Gamma-Rapho/Getty)

East Germany cast off its ties to the Soviet Union and was reunified with West Germany in 1990. Today, very little of the Berlin Wall remains in place, except in a memorial park maintained by the Berlin Wall Foundation, which researches and documents its history.