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Is The Secret to Old Age Raw Eggs?

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The oldest person in the world — who celebrated her 117th birthday today (Nov. 29) — swears by her diet which includes two raw eggs a day, Yahoo News reported.

Emma Morano was born in Italy in 1899. She had eight siblings, all of whom she outlived.

Morano's doctor, Carlo Bava, told Reuters TV that Morano "always eats the same thing, every day, every week, every month and every year," which includes the two raw eggs and very little fruits and vegetables.

The doctor noted that Morano used to eat a third egg, fried, each day but lately she has felt that "three [eggs] can be too much."

Although Morano doesn't seem to be inclined to give up her raw eggs, uncooked eggs can make a person sick with salmonella.

Morano's odd diet isn't the first time that someone who's celebrated more than 110 birthdays has had a diet that raised eyebrows.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, who held the title for the world's oldest person until her death in May 2016, ate a serving of bacon each day, Page Six reported.

Read more about Emma Morano at Yahoo News.

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