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Photos: Dice and Pottery Found in 2nd Century Roman Settlement

Archaeologists have uncovered a Roman settlement that likely housed the family members of soldiers serving at a nearby Roman fort. The settlement, located in the modern-day German town of Gernsheim, holds countless artifacts, including an ancient dice and a game piece that the inhabitants likely used to entertain themselves. [Read the full story on the Roman settlement]

Roman architecture

This aerial photo shows the foundation of a Roman stone building in Gernsheim, a German city located about 31 miles (50 kilometers) south of Frankfurt. The leveling staff in the upper edge measures 16.4 feet (5 meters). (Image credit: Dennis Braks.)

Well shaft in profile

The darkened soil shows the profile of a Roman-era well shaft. (Image credit: Thomas Maurer.)

Rocky remains

Red Bunter sandstone blocks, likely placed there by people from medieval times or later, were found in a shaft in the Roman settlement. It's unclear where these sandstones are from, but they may have come from buildings in Gernsheim that were destroyed during a conflict or war. (Image credit: Thomas Maurer.)

Game time

Dice design has changed very little since Roman times. Researchers found a gaming piece and die during excavations of the Roman settlement. (Image credit: Thomas Maurer.)

Red shard in relief

A fragment of a red ceramic shard that shows a detailed relief decoration. This shard and others will help researchers date the site. This piece is dated to about A.D. 100. (Image credit: Thomas Maurer.)

An ancient best friend

Archaeologists found the well-preserved skull of a dog at the site. (Image credit: Thomas Maurer.)

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