Photos: Delicate, Disappearing Butterflies of Southern Britain

Butterflies are facing extinction in southern Britain in the next 35 years if climate change continues unmitigated and habitats are converted for human use, according to a study published today (Aug. 10) in the journal Nature Climate Change (opens in new tab). [Read the full butterfly story here.]


Drought-sensitive green-veined white butterfly. Credit Jim Asher.   


Drought-sensitive large skipper butterfly. Credit: Tim Melling.

Ringlet greywalls

Drought-sensitive ringlet greywalls butterfly. Credit: Jim Asher.

Speckled wood

Drought-sensitive speckled wood marcham butterfly. Credit: Jim Asher.

Pasture landscape

Farmed pasture in Sommerset, England with areas of semi-natural habitat


Agriculture in southern England with few areas of semi-natural habitat for butterflies

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