In Photos: Festive Scenes from Panda Birthday Parties

Jia Jia the panda has set a new Guinness World Record for being the oldest panda in captivity. Animal keepers at Ocean Park, in Hong Kong, celebrated Jia Jia's 37th birthday on July 28. Included in the celebration was one of the park's other resident pandas and the world's second-oldest panda, An An, who turned 29 years old. Ocean Park also has two other resident giant pandas: Ying Ying and Le Le. Check out some photos of the pandas that call Ocean Park home. (All images courtesy of Ocean Park Hong Kong) [Read the full story about Jia Jia's birthday]

Happy birthday!

Jia Jia gets ready to devour her icy birthday cake.

Jia Jia munching

Jia Jia feasts on some leaves.

An An's birthday

An An celebrates his 29th birthday with a cake.

Model behavior

An An poses for a close-up shot.

Le Le's birthday

Ten-year-old Le Le approaches his birthday cake.


Le Le is ready to party at his 10th birthday celebration.

Ying Ying's snack

Ying Ying chows down on some greens.

All in a day's work

Ying Ying plays next to some branches.

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