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San Francisco Moves to Ban Plastic Water Bottles

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San Francisco is one step closer to outlawing the sale of plastic bottles of water on city property.

The city's Board of Supervisors met this week and unanimously voted to begin phasing out the sale of single-use, plastic water bottles less than 21 ounces on city-owned land, reported NBC Bay Area. The ordinance must be approved a second time by the board before it is sent to Mayor Ed Lee. If the ban is approved, it will eventually extend to outdoor events held in San Francisco, although footraces and other athletic events will be exempt, according to NBC.

"Bottled water is incredibly harmful to the environment," Katherine Sawyer, Think Outside the Bottle campaign organizer, told NBC. "It takes a plastic water bottle about a thousand years to biodegrade, and it's just unnecessary to commodify water in a bottle when we have almost universal access to safe healthy tap water."

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