How 24 Developing Countries Use Social Media

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Internet use is up in developing nations, but going online is still a rare activity in many countries. The Pew Research Center conducted a global survey in spring 2013 that tracked technology adoption in 24 less-developed countries.

The results show that cell phones are ubiquitous but smartphones still rare. Texting and taking pictures are among the most common uses of mobile phones. Among Internet users, social media is a popular pasttime.

Here is the breakdown of social media use in the developing countries surveyed. For reference, 73 percent of U.S. Internet users visit social networking sites. [Read More About the Pew Results]

Egypt - 88 percent

Russia - 86 percent

Philippines - 86 percent

Tunisia - 85 percent

Indonesia - 84 percent

Jordan - 84 percent

Venezuela - 83 percent

Nigeria - 83 percent

Turkey - 79 percent

Ghana - 77 percent

Mexico - 77 percent

Chile - 76 percent

Malaysia - 76 percent

Kenya - 76 percent

Argentina - 75 percent

El Salvador - 75 percent

Senegal - 75 percent

Brazil - 73 percent

Lebanon - 72 percent

Bolivia - 71 percent

South Africa - 62 percent

China - 48 percent

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