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11 Big Fat Pregnancy Myths

"Pregnancy brain" makes it impossible to concentrate.


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This may be true in the first few months, when a 30-fold increase in progesterone makes most women really, really, sleepy. And some researchers say pregnancy hormones may make it hard for a pregnant woman to remember where she placed her keys.

But pregnancy brain may not be all bad.

In a small pilot study of 10 women, Stone and colleagues found that women tend to have increased attention spans in their third trimester. If the results are confirmed in a larger group of women something the researchers are currently working on it may be an indicator of "neuronal nesting."

"This may be nature's way of increasing the attention a mother is going to need to give a newborn," Stone said.

Robin Nixon was a staff writer for Live Science. Robin has a combined B.A. in biology and psychology from Columbia University. She has served as a research assistant for studies conducted at New York University and Harvard.