Got a Hangover? Study Shows Coffee and Aspirin Are Best Fix

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From cold showers to chugging Gatorade, everyone has their own idea of the perfect hangover cure. Now, researchers have scientifically proven what works best for shaking off last night's alcohol antics: A regular cup o' joe and a couple aspirins.

Scientists at from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia gave lab rats a shot of medical proof alcohol equal to consuming one beer and, using sensory equipment around the animals' heads, found that acetate the final product of the body's metabolism of alcohol caused the rats to develop headaches. Researchers then determined that a mix of caffeine and over-the-counter inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, were best at countering the head-pounding effects of acetate.

For those hoping that this caffeine/hangover cure connection will allow them to drink Four Loko and avoid a headache the next morning, think again.

If you drink a small amount of alcohol, three or four hours later, drink some coffee, researcher Michael L. Oshinsky told Or take caffeine in some form, like an Excedrin that has caffeine in it. If you take the caffeine at the same time as you drink, it will be gone when the acetate levels are high.

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