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Zoo's New Monkey Cam Offers Adorable Views on Demand

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Viewers around the world can watch these adorable little guys. (Image credit: Edinburgh Zoo. )

A Scotland zoo is set to launch what they're calling Monkey Cam, a webcam that is trained on the zoo's squirrel monkey habitat — a view that promises no shortage of "aw"-inspiring moments.

Anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch the Edinburgh Zoo's 20 squirrel monkeys any time, day or night, as the tiny and boisterous primates go about their business.

The leader of the pack is 11-year-old Rio, the group's dominant male and the largest monkey of the bunch. But it sounds like he might have some competition down the line.

A quartet of curious monkey babies, all born in November 2011, are part of the group. Although they're still tiny, they have plenty of personality, and keepers have observed some of the little monkeys trying to dominate their older siblings.

Squirrel monkeys are native to the rainforests of South America. These lively primates are instantly recognizable by their bright yellow legs and arms. In the wild, they live in groups of up to 300 monkeys.

They grow to about 12.5 inches (32 centimeters) in length, with a tail that is far longer than their bodies — about 16 inches (41 cm). Unlike many other monkeys, their tails are not prehensile.

Known for their agility and nervous, constant activity, squirrel monkeys feed largely on fruit, but also eat some insects, leaves and seeds.

Within their own groups, the monkeys are known to be promiscuous.

Viewers can access the squirrel monkey webcam here.

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