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Our Daily Planet: Mississippi River Flooding and Throat of Fire Eruption Photos

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Before and After River Flooding: Check out images of the Mississippi River, before and after the historic flooding. [Related: What's Behind the Record Mississippi River Flooding? ]

Memphis Flooding: Memphis, Tenn., is the latest bull's eye for flooding along the Mississippi River. The similarities to the great 1937 flood are striking. [Countdown: Mightiest Floods of the Mississippi River. ]

Wolves Well: Wolves in the Northern Rockies have been declared fully recovered after a stint on the endangered species list.

Throat of Fire Erupts: See spectacular images of the Ecuador volcano eruption.

Japan Aftershock: A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck near the island of Honshu. The quake is the 74th aftershock since the deadly March 11 earthquake.

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