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Our Daily Planet: Baby Eagle Watch and the Hurricane Forecast

Each weekday morning, OurAmazingPlanet takes the pulse of the Earth, reporting on natural phenomena and exploration news from around the globe.

Hatch Watch: The last of the web-celebrity baby eagles has begun to hatch. Watch the action unfold on the nest's webcam .

Save the Seahorses: The BP oil spill and over-collection for the aquarium trade are threatening dwarf seahorses, according to an environmental group.

Weather Shutdown?: How will the impending government shutdown affect weather forecasting? Vital weather services would carry on. [Related: Deadliest Storms of the Year Strike the South .]

Hurricane Forecast: A forecast team at Colorado State University is predicting an active season for Atlantic hurricanes, calling for 16 named storms (those include hurricanes and tropical storms) in the Atlantic Basin. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will release its forecast in May.

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