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Our Daily Planet: Ray Hunting and Texas Motorcycle Rides

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Ray Hunting: Shark fin soup may be out, but rays are in. An alarming rise in manta and mobula ray hunting for use in soups could threaten the species. [Related: Prized Shark Fins May Be Banned in California .]

Logging Restrictions Back: A ban is back in effect for logging old stands of hemlock, cedar and spruce trees in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska [Related: All Yours: 10 Least Visited National Parks .]

Bottom Trawling: A group of nations has agreed to a treaty that targets destructive bottom trawling in international waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

Touring Texas: Spring is near, and one great way to see the outdoors up-close is on a motorcycle. Check out five great scenic rides through Texas. [Related: Gallery: 7 Scenic Summer Drives .]

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