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Our Daily Planet: Southern California's Polluted Water and National Zoo Pandas

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California Storms: As Southern California recovers from recent brutal storms, residents now face polluted water (opens in new tab) and a high risk of mudslides. [Related: Pineapple Express Slams Southern California .]

National Pandas: The National Zoo in Washington D.C. announced that their two giant pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, will remain in the nation's capital for now. [Related: National Zoo Reveals Names of Lion Cubs .]

Texas Drought: More than half of Texas is suffering "moderate" to "extreme" drought conditions.

Polar Bear Status: Environmentalists are not happy with the Obama administration's listing of polar bears as "threatened" rather than "endangered."

Arctic Refuge: Those threatened polar bears face largely ice-free summers in the Arctic Ocean. A refuge north of Canada and Greenland is much needed, one geologist says.

Brazil Biopiracy: Brazil plans to crackdown on companies that patent products made from the country's rare plants and animals.

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