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Kansas Slammed By Second Worst Storm on Record

snow storm levels, Kansas
(Image credit: NOAA.)

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A massive winter storm system gave Kansas some of the highest snowfall amounts it's ever seen. The Wichita Mid-Continent Airport recorded 14.2 inches of snow on Feb. 21, an amount only topped by a storm in 1962 that left them covered in 15 inches of snow. This storm also brought reports of thundersnow.

"Wichita didn't miss the record amount by much," said Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski. "This storm brought around a foot of snow to the Plains, with areas in Kansas being the hardest hit."

The storm resulted in dangerous travel conditions that left many stranded. Highways were closed across the state from the storm. A plane from Denver become stuck in the snow on the tarmac at the Wichita airport. The Kansas City International Airport shut down all together, canceling nearly 2,000 flights.

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